Dear All,

We held an NGO Meeting at the Ball Hall of Sarıyer Municipality’s Yaşar Kemal Cultural Center with the support of Sarıyer City Council and Sarıyer Municipality. Our aim was to talk about our EU project and inform the founders and members of the Non-Governmental Organizations
(NGOs)  established in Sarıyer. The name of our project is;  “Sarıyer Democratic Community Circles For Development”.We were happy with the interest of the participants. They were all eager to collaborate with us. Based upon the number and also needs of the interested parties , we will prepare the Full Form to apply. That is why we distributed a survey to the participating bodies, as well. The deadline is 5th March and we are all excited about it. We had done a pilot study last year in Datça and had determined the plus and delta points of collaborating with other NGOs at a city.  The Sports Team had worked affectively and organized volleyball tournaments for the girl students living there. They are still going on their voluntary work there with the support of Datça Municipality. We are crossing our fingers for writing an acceptable project. It will be very beneficial for the NGOs of Sarıyer. Regards,