Our world is combatting with a very infectious disease caused by a coronavirus, which can lead to severe illness in some people. Since mid-March, all schools including universities have started virtual/online/distance education. All educational experts have focused on cyber courses and sharing since then. I would like to share one of my articles with my readers concerning a good methodology for distance education. Here is the abstract:

Future leaders, who have been attending the current Higher Education Institutions (HIEs), are expected to obtain the needed skills and knowledge of team building to create synergy and to be capable of using quality tools to ease their future jobs. Besides, they should be good at using technology. As the result of intensive quality-based practices at various universities and K-12 schools since 1992, a World-Bank awarded problem-solving methodology was designed by the author in 1997 under the brand name of İmece (=Collaboration) Circles and the implementation of that methodology resulted in more than four thousand projects developed by the undergraduate and graduate students of various universities. It has also become one of the best methods of the “Virtual Project-Based Teaching Model” with the start of distance education. İmece Circles methodology has recently been used at graduate programs of two universities productively during the Covid-19 Pandemic days. In this paper, the philosophy, goals, steps, and outcomes of the method and its development and extended use within years will be shared by the readers.

I wish you a healthy and happy Summer holiday.
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