İnged is a very special non-governmental and non-profit Organization focusing on the training and sharing needs of teachers of English working in Turkey. İnged or ELEA stands for English Language Education Association and its web page is: The president Prof.Dr. Aydan Ersöz and the Governing Board of İnged has started a series of talks through Zoom during the pandemic. The 7th one belonged to me. The Moderator was Dr. Suzan Öniz. I talked about Project-Based Teaching for increasing motivation during the Pandemic. To include the parents and other subject area teachers in the talk, I presented it in Turkish. It was recorded. If you want to listen to it, its link is:
If you want to be in the Special Interest Group of “Quality in Elt/Q-ELT” please send an e mail to; [email protected] and visit the web page of İnged. The only prerequisite is to be a member of İnged.

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Hayal Köksal