Dear Colleagues,
ICT Seagulls is a project of problem solving, communicating, teaming through quality tools. It is supported by technology. This year in addition to K-12 levels of students (ICT Seagulls), we have Leading Seagulls (University students) and also Community Seagulls (business people, NGOs and families).  This year, we proposed seven main themes in order to enlarge the project areas to give more freedom to the student teams.
They are as follows:
1. THINKING LIKE A LEADER: The team members look at a problem issue with the glasses of the greatest leader of their own country, such as Ataturk, Gandhi, Mandela, etc. and they try to find solutions as if they were him/her. To do that, team members should be well aware of the principles of their leader.
2. ACTING AS AN ENVIRO-LOVER: The team members work on an environmental problem and try to find solutions. Their main question must be: “How can we make the life of our planet longer?”
3. LOOKING ETHICALLY: Teams might focus on Information Technologies (IT), Ethics and Safety.
4. LOOKING/ACTING WITH LOVE: We witness many conflicts, violence, humiliation and terrorism around us. How can we look at them with dignity, peace, love and tolerance and find solutions accordingly?
5. EMPHATIC LOOK: Projects for the disabled people conducted with empathy.
6. SENSITIVITY towards the gender issues.
7. YOUR OWN PROBLEM, in your own environment.

OUR SLOGAN: The Young and the Experienced: Hand-in-hand for peace, quality and dignity!
If you are interested in the project, please keep in touch with me ([email protected]). The deadline is 1st March 2017. The project will end on 4th June. For more information, please visit: To register please send an email to [email protected] .

Lots of love,