I-International ICT Seagulls” Project
“International Seagulls Project” is a registered ©ICT Project which was designed and coordinated by Hayal Koksal  21 years ago.

This project aims to support the future leaders of our world under the leadership of our teachers and community leaders through problem-solving skills ornamented with quality tools and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) use effectively.

Hayal Köksal designed the “ICT Seagulls Project” for students of K-12 levels 21 years ago. Then, she developed a new project under the title of “Leading Seagulls Project” for adults who might be listed as; undergraduate and graduate students, teacher-trainees, retired teachers, and all the community leaders. Both projects hug not only the gifted but also the disabled participants. Faculty administrators, business world, NGO leaders, and parents are all invited from all countries to support world future generations through those projects.

After 490 certified national and international projects, we claim that we are taking good and fruitful steps for the future world. With the appearance of COVID-19 restrictions, the project has been more popular due to its technology-focused characteristics. 

We will train, guide, follow, and give the needed feedback to your teams through technology.

Our way is “İmece Circles” which is the localized and re-engineered form of the “Students’ Quality Circles (SQCs)” methodology. PDCA Mindset (Plan, Do Check, Act) is used as the logical format of it. Form your team (=circle), decide on your problem area, and apply.

Our sharing mode is Web Page design and/or Blog supported by PPT Presentations both in Turkish and in English. There are 4 categories:

  1. ICT Seagulls ” is a K-12-level- student project and will be formed under the dynamic leadership of two project teachers (one teacher should be an English teacher) along with 5-8 students and two parents. The role of teachers is only facilitating.
  2. The “Leading Seagulls” category is for adults, especially for; university teams, teacher-trainees attending the Faculty of Education, teacher teams, and retired teacher teams.
  3. The “Challenged Seagulls” project is for the disabled students and adults.
  4. The “Community Seagulls” category is for retired teachers and all community leaders including families, the business world, and NGOs. 2-10 members might be a good start. This is a flexible model based on negotiation.

Through “ICT Seagulls & Leading Seagulls Projects”, participants will;

  • grasp the spirit of the team and understand the necessity of collaboration,
  • learn how to use the PDCA Mindset and quality tools in advanced problem-solving skills to solve their problems,
  • use technology and the Internet effectively and creatively,
  • understand the necessity of practice rather than only knowing theory,
  • enhance awareness of environmental protection, cultural differences, the importance of knowing history,
  • manage their time most effectively,
  • learn and apply ethical rules,
  • be aware of the importance of communication,
  • develop tolerance, respect, and love for all.

The supporting bodies of the projects are: “The Association for Innovative Collaboration (YİMEDER)”, “Tria IT Company”,  The World Council for Total Quality & Excellence in Education (WCTQEE)”, “City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, India”, “QUEST-Nepal”,  and “Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network”. Thank you very much to all of the supporting bodies.

Do you want to be with us in this collaborative project? 

Target Audience: The projects are open to all students from Kindergarten to graduate classes of Turkish and international schools in and out of Turkey including adult teams. They are also open to all gifted and challenged/disabled participation.

A-STUDENT-focused “ICT Seagulls” Project;

  1. Pre-school classes
  2. Elementary School,
  3. Middle School,
  4. High school,
  5. Technical and Vocational Schools.

B-DISABLED Students and adults: “CHALLENGED SEAGULLS” Project.

 C-ADULT-focused “LEADING Seagulls” Project;

  1. Undergraduate and graduate students of any faculty.

D-ADULT-focused “COMMUNITY Seagulls” Project;

  1. Non-governmental Organizations,
  2. Business leaders and companies,
  3. Local Governors,
  4. Parents.

Why Such A Project?

  • This is a very successful project, lasting 21 years. So far, through 490 national and international projects conducted in Turkey, India, the USA, the UK, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and South Africa which means; nearly 5,000 students, teachers, parents, and supporting bodies participated in the project.
  • World Council supports it, due to its aim and scope. “2002 UNESCO Peace Education” Awarded City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, India hosts the Awards Ceremony every two years during the ICSQCCs. We are thankful to Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and Dr. Vineeta Kamran for their wonderful support and hospitality.
  • It upgrades the quality of the educational system with its “multiple-intelligence-based, peace-oriented, innovative and creative format” by directing the students to problem-solving steps rather than memorization. Following scientific research methods and ethical application, using quality tools and statistics are needed ingredients. Students indulge in the best practices of collaborative studies through İMECE (A cultural word from the Turkish villages meaning collaboration).
  • “Sensitivity “is a very important feature like empathy. We act with the slogan of great leaders Atatürk: “Peace at home, peace in the world”. We need to learn and teach sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences.
  • Preserving the ecosystem is necessary for all of us and this teaching exists within the projects.
  • Loving humanity, and respecting and supporting it is essential in this project. WE NEVER APPROVE NEGATIVE RIVALRY. This year only two problems will be studied.

The participants determine the project area and topic. They follow the “PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Mindset” by taking the following steps:

  1. The democratic way of determining the problem.
  2. Research (Literature Reviewing) and planning,
  3. Data collection for the implementation,
  4. Analysis of the collected data,
  5. Suggestions and conclusion to solve the problem,
  6. Sharing all the steps through technology (web page, Blog, PPT) and social media.

It must be kept in mind that;

  • The ethics of scientific research and project studies are essential.
  • At every step, the use of technology and quality tools is necessary.
  • The process and the outcomes should be shared via social media and the Internet to inform the community

Project Steps:

  1. Teams can register the Project only after following the following steps:
  • The project team/school becomes a Project Partner of YİMEDER only for six months by filling the Partnership Form. The school/Organization leader signs it.
  • The school leader and the project leader sign the registration Form of the project.
  1. The registration period of the  Project starts every November 1st and ends on the last week of June in General. Due to the Pandemic,  we extended the registration and delivery dates.
  2. After the registration, participants get three “Training PPTs” to learn more about the steps of the projects. If the participants arrange, they may invite Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hayal Köksal to their schools for training and counseling. The project methodology is “İmece Circles”. Visiting the web pages of the previous years’ projects through bilisimcimartilar.com/english is highly recommended.
  3. During the preparation of the projects, Skype conferences are used for all kinds of counseling and guidance. Continuous and regular communication is needed for successful project management. This is also an important criterion in the evaluation!
  4. The web or Blog addresses of the finalized projects will be delivered to Dr. Köksal in June.
  5. Announcement of the results of peer- and jury evaluation will take place until the mid-days of July.
  6. The National Award Ceremony is held in Turkey or India.

You are invited to join those innovative projects.   We believe that we stand together!

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hayal KÖKSAL   Project Designer & General Coordinator DG (Turkey), WCTQEE   [email protected]

It is one of the supporting projects of YIMEDER. This Academy aims to support teachers through pre-and in-service training programs. Guidance of the teacher-trainees is seen as an important problem at Faculties of Education. Our experienced team members will act as mentors when needed through this program. In addition to professional teachers, we will open “Drama”, “Graphics and Arts” and “Photography” seminars for the community members as well. Supporting the challenged students and collaborating with their families will be another target group. We will try to teach catching fish, instead of giving fish. Empowering the challenged will be one of our main missions. Especially deaf and physically disabled ones might apply to us to get the needed information.

The following pieces of training and seminars will be organized in schools or at any hotel when needed. School managers and individuals should be in contact with us to learn more. Please follow our web page. You can also write to: [email protected] . Thank you for your interest.

PRE-SERVICE Consultancy/Mentorship
IN-SERVICE Classroom ManagementPsychology & MotivationEnvironment SeminarCommunication skills

Innovative Teaching, ICT

Technology use, web page d.


Project Management

Peace Education

Empowering the Challenged

Subject Area Training
SCHOOL PRINCIPALS & LEADERS Total Quality in EducationStrategic Planning
Educational Administration
ARTS & CREATIVITY Arts, Graphic and PhilosophyDramaArt & Play Therapy
WOMEN STUDIES Entrepreneurship
  Personal Quality