Yimeder logoAssociation for Continuous Improvement (YIMEDER) was established as a non-governmental and non-profit organization, by a group of educators and business people under the leadership of Dr Hayal Köksal in İstanbul in 1995. The former name was “Association for Continuous Improvement (SüGeDer)”. The purpose of it was to create a “lifelong learning awareness and culture” among all the parties of society for a peaceful and fruitful future world. It worked with 20 members and through project committees. The main target groups were; handicapped people, women, old people and teacher-student-parents learning groups. For the continuous improvement of those people, all the national and international partners were invited to support the project teams. ICT Seagulls Project was under the wings of that NGO. Then, in 2012, the governing board of SüGeDer decided to close the Association for some time due to the limited conditions.

In 2015, it was re-founded under the title of Association for Innovative Collaboration (YİMEDER) at a new office in Sariyer, Istanbul. Dr Köksal was elected as the founding president by board. We aim at leading people and institutions through innovative methodologies mixed with collaboration (=İmece) philosophy coming from our own culture on the way of learning and applying critical thinking and problem solving skills to attain a peaceful life.

Our projects will start from families and after hugging schools will move to business world and to the society. In other words, we will focus on individuals first but then move also to local, national and international gatherings through technology use. In order to bring volunteer qualified persons and organizations to realize a quality community of people who learn ‘how to learn’, we will organize seminars, panels, conferences, scientific researches and conduct national and international projects. During those activities, equality (language, gender, religion, ethnic, socio-economic status, challenges) and adding value to the community are essential. Member candidates are determined and approved after a detailed inquiry. Commitment and voluntarism are important for us. All members are expected to be active in one or two of the Circles stated below. In order to learn more about our Association, please visit our web page ( (

13. International ICT Seagulls and 3. Leading Seagulls Projects are guided and supported by YİMEDER. Other supporting bodies are; WCTQEE, City Montessori School, Lucknow, India, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network, BUPERC, Bilim Şenliği, QUEST-Nepal and NYDT in SA.
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YIMEDER ACADEMY: is one of the supporting projects of YIMEDER. It is connected to “TEACHERS, WE ARE WITH YOU!/ÖĞRETMENİM YANINDAYIZ!” Platform taking place on Facebook. Please visit and add this link (Öğretmenim-Yanindayiz).

The aim of this Academy is to support teachers through pre- and in-service training programs. Guidance of the teacher-trainees is seen as an important problem at Faculties of Education. Our experienced team members will act as mentors when needed through this program. In addition to professional teachers, we will open “Drama”, “Graphics and Arts” and “Photography” seminars for the community members as well. Supporting the challenged students and collaborating with their families will be another target group. We will try to teaching catching fish, instead of giving fish. Empowering the challenged will be one of our main mission. Especially deaf and physically disabled ones might apply to us to get the needed information.

The following trainings and seminars will be organized in schools or at any hotel when needed. School managers and individuals should be in contact with us to learn more. Please follow our web page. You can also write to: [email protected] . Thank you for your interest.

PRE-SERVICE Consultancy/Mentorship
IN-SERVICE Classroom Management

Psychology & Motivation

Environment Seminar

Communication skills

Innovative Teaching, ICT

Technology use, web page d.


Project Management

Peace Education

Empowering the Challenged

Subject Area Training
SCHOOL PRINCIPALS & LEADERS Total Quality in Education

Strategic Planning

Educational Administration
ARTS & CREATIVITY Arts, Graphic and Philosophy


Art & Play Therapy

WOMEN STUDIES Entrepreneurship
  Personal Quality