humanDr Hayal Köksal is a member of the Global advisory Board and Education Team of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network. She was invited to the Network in 2005, and she was asked to organize a Turkey Conference in Istanbul in 2010. She realized this. You can read the Report of the Conference from the following link:

Her last book “Çekirdekten Yetiştirme” was published by Dignity Press in 2014. We send our heartfelt thanks to our president Prof Evelin Lindner and her team. In order to but the book, you can visit the following link:

The founding President of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, Prof Dr Evelin G.Lindner describes the Network as follows:

“We, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS), are a global and transdisciplinary network and fellowship of concerned academics and practitioners. We are committed to reducing — and ultimately help eliminating — destructive disrespect and humiliating practices all over the world. Our work is inspired by universal values such as dignity, humility, mutual respect, caring and compassion, and a sense of shared planetary rights and responsibilities.


We do our best to cultivate a relational climate characterized by mutual dignity, walking the talk, and mutual growth. For more than a decade, our relational approach has not only been sustainable, it has offered a new model of collaborative action, a replenishing relational-organizational climate that is constantly evolving and growing with — rather than at the expense of — the people involved.


We are first and foremost a global network of people with the aim of raising awareness and creating framings and visions that promote equal dignity for all. We wish to fertilize and generate transdisciplinary research (both intra and intercultural) and disseminate information aimed at enhancing awareness of human dignity. We also encourage the application of creative educational methods and strategies, as well as fertilize more to-the-point intervention projects and public policy planning. Thus we work in four ways, firstly as a global network, secondly in research, thirdly in education, and fourthly with intervention. We address all levels, micro, meso, and macro levels. On 24th June 2011, we began the process of lifting our research and education activities on a more concrete level and launched the World Dignity University Initiative.


Since we are a global network, the boundaries are fluid. We warmly invite all like-minded people to contribute. Please see our Call for Creativity. Our members do not “subscribe to” or “endorse” everything that is happening within HumanDHS. Everybody is called upon to contribute at best ability. We hope that the synergy that emerges from all contributions will facilitate new insights and action.


Michael Britton wrote on July 18, 2015, “I feel fortunate to have found a home in HumanDHS where the labours of inquiry, honesty, integrity, dignity, trust and trustworthiness, humility are at the heart of who we are and what we do.”


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