Dear All,

The 15. ICT and Leading Seagulls Projects completed the delivery phase yesterday. Out of 6 registered projects, 5 projects were handed in. There are two University projects from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, one project from India and two projects from Sri Lanka. I am thankful to those who worked hard during the year and sent the project PowerPoint (PPT) in time. You did a very good job: Congratulations.
Now here are the following steps:

  • In a few days, as the General Coordinator of the Project, I will check the contents of the PPTs and inform the project leaders and/or communication managers about the lacking/missing or wrong parts to review their presentations. After correcting them, PPTs will be sent to me.
  • Since there are only 3 ICT Seagulls and 2 Leading projects exist, we will do the Jury Assessment. Your corrected PPTs will be sent to our precious judges.
  • After we get the Assessment forms back from them, we will announce the results.

Prof.Dr. Ümit Serdaroğlu (Father of Assos) He was one of the judges of the Seagulls Project We give Award to one of the teams on behalf of him since 2005

However, be sure that all of the five project members are winners. You performed well even though you were busy during the academic year. You will get your “ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATES” just after the announcement of the results. Momentos will be delivered during the Award Ceremony which will take place during the Award Night of the 2019 ICSQCC at City Montessori School, Lucknow, India. I hope all the teams will be able to participate in there at least one or two members. I am thankful to Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr Vineeta Kamran for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. In fact they have been doing this since 2009. 

After the first correction stage, all the projects will be shared with all members to give an idea what the other projects are about. We consider this as an important step of learning from others.

Have a lovely Summer.  Sincerely yours,

 Dr. Hayal KÖKSAL