65106_9789351500292w    Dearest Friends,
Life is good if you are running after what you have considered as your hobby. The profession I have been doing for 40 years is  my hobby so, working has never formed a burden on my shoulders. Even though it was possible to stay home after my retirement from a State University, I did not choose that way. I went on working at various universities. I created new interest areas like NGO memberships, project and new course designs, and even starting a business on counselling. New fields brought in new partnerships and new contacts. I have been so happy for doing that. Now, I have had a new international connection: Athens Institute for Education and Research. The following lines belong to my new Membership.
I believe in the sistership of nations. Greece is one of our neighbouring countries and as a result we have had many similarities. This must cause uniting power in some areas like education and research and standing together. I hope we will bring power together and contribute a lot to the related areas. Thank you Professor Pappas for inviting me to your precious collaborative world.
Last year, I had written a chapter to the book above which was edited by a Greek Professor_Sophia Dimitriadi. Now, this is the second tie with Greece.  Loves from Istanbul to Athens.

Athens Institute for Education and Research

Dr. Nicholas C.J. Pappas

Vice President of Academics

This certifies that Dr. Hayal Koksal, Founding President, Association for Innovative Collaboration (YIMEDER), Turkey, is an Academic Member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research, belonging to the Education Research Unit and the Mass Media & Communication Research Unit.

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Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos